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Why Pictal?

Pictal was created from a desire to showcase important stuff in photos.

The age old saying, a picture is worth a thousand words is so relevent. Pictures today are high quality, and can be taken anywhere and anytime you like. They can be taken for personal or business use, and have importance that lives on long after the photo is taken.

However, the problem with a raw photo is the meaning is totally subjective, and likely to get lost in interpretation. It's generally up to the beholder to decipher it.

To solve the problem, we created Pictal - a tool for highlighting content in photos.

It's as simple as this. If something in the photo is important, you add a 'Pictal' to highlight it. You can write anything you want, and combine your photos together as a Project. When you are done, you can easily share your photos with others, and embed high resolution versions in your own website or blog.

Don't have a website to share you photos on? No worries!

Pictal websites is a solution that allows you to easily share your photos on the web without any coding experience. It's pretty powerful too, with the ability to generate dynamic content from Photos and Collections (with Blogs and Products are coming soon).

Our Story

Pictal has been built from the ground up by two mates in Australia with a shared passion for design quality and technology.

We are Spero, a UI/UX engineer with a passion for design and user experience. And Rich, a registered Architect with passion for software engineering.

We've got this far, just the two of us. Who knows where we will go in the future. Interested in joining us?

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