Why Pictal?

Pictal's all-in-one marketing platform includes everything you need to sell online, reach your customers and bring your ideas to life.

With Pictal, you can build and host secure websites using our no-code visual website builder, create and send bulk marketing email, manage your contacts and customers, sell products and services, and create and share photos and galleries in high resolution - all in one place using a dedicated desktop app for Mac, Windows and Linux.

Founded by two Aussies in 2021, Pictal was built from the ground up to showcase products and services in high resolution. That core concept led us to create Pictal widgets, and our no-code visual website and email creation tools. Finally, adding secure ecommerce, order management and custom data provides all the tools and flexibility you need to build and manage your content online, all in one place.

And we're not done! We're busy creating new features to add to the Pictal platform, and we'd love to hear from you about features you'd like us to add.

We’re also slightly cheaper than our competitors ;)

So what are you wating for? Just Pictal it!

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